Financial consulting and obtaining financing

Financial advice on obtaining financing for investment projects is a specialty of the Project Finance team in the BSI Transaction Advisory Department. It consists of experts in infrastructure, investment financing and public-private partnership (PPP).
BSI works closely with the public and private sectors. BSI supports its clients in building value through effective planning and implementation of investment projects. We participate in key infrastructure projects throughout the country. We advise, among others, on the construction of airports, roads and other infrastructure.

Advisers at BSI help to make the right and well-thought-out investment decisions thanks to knowledge of the specificity of individual sectors. We implement a multidisciplinary approach when implementing projects for our clients. Our financing experts work closely with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, real estate, financial modeling, taxes and accounting specialists.
Acquiring financing and financial consulting

The projects we advise on are funded from a variety of sources, including domestic commercial banks and international financial institutions.

We support our clients in, among others:

• Obtaining debt financing in the form of bank loans, borrowings and bonds,
• obtaining funds from EU funds,
• Projects in the area of ​​public-private partnership (PPP),
• Projects implemented in the project finance structure,
• Refinancing corporate debt as part of restructuring processes.

Financial modeling

We create financial models for, among others identifying the most effective variants of investment projects, planning and monitoring financing, and other management purposes. Our competences in the area of financial modeling include operational and financial aspects, specific accounting, tax and regulatory issues.

Transaction negotiations using financial models

We build comprehensive financial models that allow you to analyze the value of the transaction object from various points of view (seller / buyer) with changing financial and operational parameters. We make sure that the buyer does not overpay and the seller receives a fair price.

PPP structuring

Advising public institutions for years, we have gained extensive experience in the field of effective implementation of public tasks involving the cooperation of public and private entities. Our experts have prepared detailed analyzes of the effectiveness of such projects and took part in the organization process and defining the principles of cooperation between entities involved in the implementation of PPP projects.

  • We acquire debt financing

  • We raise financing from EU funds

  • Public-private partnership projects

  • Projects in the Project Finance structure

  • Corporate debt refinancing

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