Financial advice

For the development of each company is required capital. BSI provides assistance in obtaining grants and subsidies for the development of the company.
Given how important in any kind of business is capital engaged in the development of the company, BSI’s promised selection of the optimal structure and funding sources for all of its customers. We take care of both minimizing the burdens of public law, as well as the selection of the cheapest methods of raising capital.

We guarantee

  • advice on selection of offers finance company or investment project – credit counseling, leasing;
  • support in the offering on New Connect;
  • issuance of bonds on the Catalyst market;
  • obtaining professional investors within the seed capital funds, venture capital, private equity and large private investors;
  • comprehensive support for the process of obtaining EU grants ranging from consultation and analysis of the possibility of receiving EU subsidies, through the preparation of a complete application documents (including EU grant applications, business plans, feasibility studies)

With knowledge of the law and taxes, help lower the personal income tax as well as protect the personal assets of the reach of creditors.

Benefits for you.

  • minimizing the risk of business
  • optimizing the costs of doing business and project
  • the use of safe and proven solutions
  • support at each stage of the company
  • guarantee the use of the most effective methods in managing copyright