Project management

Our customers can expect from us not only the development of projects, but also a competent project management in the field of strategic, conceptual, planned and investment.
Understanding the links between issues of planning, construction law and the technical aspects, processes functioning at the level of official and administrative law, predisposes us to exercise managerial functions for the duration of the project. We manage the complex process of planning and authorization to prepare investment activities, especially in the case of projects associated with a high potential for conflict or require action under great time pressure. We follow development processes of enterprises and within the team, they include conceptual work, such as specific project planning. concepts entering the market, monitoring systems, marketing plans, product management. Our special competence lies in the instant identification of a task or problem to be solved.

We guarantee

  • conceptual work – analysis developed projects prior to their implementation,
  • Project planning example. Concepts of market entry business, product, service, ect.
  • Marketing plans – aimed at the development of companies, products or services
  • preparation of projects (defining project objectives, selection and management system project team, identifying project tasks, project risk analysis, preparation of the project schedule, the designation of critical path, develop a system of monitoring the implementation of the project),
  • project management (project monitoring, reporting and management of the project team)
  • Management of a portfolio of strategic projects.
  • analysis and evaluation of the effects of completed projects,

Benefits for you

  • optimizing time and costs of the project
  • minimizing the risks associated with project failure
  • professional support at every stage of the project
  • the ability to adjust to changing market conditions